Mike is a highly experienced Multicamera operator having spent 16 years at LWT / ITV working on major productions. He continues to work in the Television industry offering Steadicam, Ped and Handheld operation.

Multicamera - Steadicam - Studio and Outside Broadcast/Live TV

Sound of music Live DoP: Zac Nicholson Dir: Richard Valentine
Sicily with Aldo and Enzo (Director of Photography)
Childrens Ballet Advision TV
Football Procam TV
The Rolling Stones, Hyde park 2013
Deal or no Deal
The Love Machine Series 2 (Princess productions /Sky TV)
X Factor 2011 (ITV / Talkback Thames)
So / V Graham Norton (So TV - All Channel 4 Productions)
Eastenders (BBC Drama)
Take it or Leave it (Endemol)
Egypt Live, USA live T.X. (Fulcrum TV / Discovery USA)
Richard Hammond’s 5 O’Clock Show (S0 TV / ITV)
After the Tsunami (C4)
Anatomy for Beginners (First Series, Firefly productions / C4)
Ask The Prime Minister (LWT Factual – Live)
Barrymore (Wimbledon Theatre)
Best of the Worst (Titles, 4DTV)
Big Brother (Roll To record)
Bloomberg TV Broadcast financial News
CDUK (Blaze Television)
Celebrities Under Pressure (Granada TV)
Celebrity Awards (LWT)
David Blaine, Above the below (Sky TV/Channel 4)
Daz Commercial – Barrymore (Lever Brothers)
Dirty Tricks (Objective Productions)
Don't Try This At Home (LWT)
Duty Free World (Corporate)
Election 2010 Downing Street (BBC)
FY2K So Millennium (Live)
G20 Summit (CTV)
Hit Me Baby One More time (GTV)
Holby City (BBC)
I’d do Anything! (TWI / BBC)
I’m a celebrity, Get me out of here! (Studio, LWT)
ITN News (Inserts)
Jethro, Live from the madhouse (Advision TV)
Judgment Day (Endemol)
Junior Eurovision (GTV)
Lee Evans Live at Wembley/ XLTour (Little Mo Films / Universal)
Luvvie’s Awards (ITV)
Movie Music Mania (GTV)
Masters Of Combat (Mentorn)
Moment Of Truth (LWT)
Multicultural Awards (LWT)
National Teachers Awards (BBC - 2000 Onwards)
Olympic Handover Concert (BBC)
On Side (BBC Produced at TLS - Initial Series 1 and 2)
On The Ball (LWT - Live)
On Trial War, Ripper, Immigration, etc (C4 - As Live)
One Picadilly (ITV)
Pop Idol (Thames Television)
Predictions (LWT One Hour Special)
Pride of Britain (2000 Onward)
Putting on the Glitz (Advision TV)
Record of the Year (LWT)
The Royal Wedding (BBC Outside Broadcast)
The Queen’s Birthday party at the palace (BBC)
She’s the One, Westlife (SyCo TV)
SMTV (Blaze Television)
Something for the Weekend (Channel 4)
Spelling bee (ITV)
St Edna's (LWT)
Stars in their Eyes (GTV – Live Finals 2000 Onward)
Stars and their doubles (GTV)
Stick or Quit (4DTV)
Strictly Come Dancing 2004 Live Final (BBC 1)
Strictly Come Dancing on 2 (BBC 2)
Sudoko (Pinewood TV)T
Surprise Surprise Christmas Special (LWT)
Survivor (Studio)
Take it or leave it (Challenge)
The F- Word (Multi PSC, optomen TV)
The Sharp End (BBC)
The Sterling Prize Awards ceremony O.B. (Talkback Thames)
Tonight (Riverdance Insert, Dir; Steve Wood)
Tomb Opening live (Fulcrum TV/ C5)
70’s Mania (LWT) 80’s Mania (LWT)
World cup footie show (Munich, CTV / Channel 9 Australia)
Worst Celebrity Drivers (Visions/C5)
Nike+ Human Race / Wembly Concert (Advision/Lux Monkey)